Nine detained following scandal in a Roma district in Bucharest. Arrests also after similar row in Sacele

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Nine people have been detained following the conflict in Rahova district in Bucharest on Sunday, on a street largely resided by a Roma community, who defied the social distancing and lockdown measures and had a party outside on the first day of Easter. Policemen called on scene have fired more shots to patch up the row.

In Bucharest, nine have been taken in custody and the case will be presented in court. Those nine are charged with assault and public nuisance. Police, gendarmes and special forces have been alerted following a call to 112 that several Roma residents had come out in the street to party.

Before the Police’s intervention, live footage on Facebook posted by some of the partygoers revealed they used to shout against the gendarmes and the Police. “Let the gendarmes come, we’ll overthrow them. I swear on my children. Me and my brothers, my nephews. We’ll overturn them once the first patrol car is coming. Get out of here (…)”.

Police have taken 37 people to hearings overall, announcing the incident had come due to excessive drinking.

A similar conflict took place in Sacele, Brasov county, with violent scenes on a street in town when several Roma residents have got into a fight with each other. Police has apprehended eight people there.

Another row occurred on Sunday night in Mimiu neighbourhood at Ploiesti outskirts, with several police, riot police and special force squads prompting in to calm things down.

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