Nine injured, tens evacuated and over 60 apartments damaged in a blast in Bistrita

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Nine people have been injured in Bistrita on Wednesday morning following an explosion occurring in a block of flats, while about 65 apartments have been damaged.

The explosion occurred in an apartment on the third floor where a young man was dwelling. The 24-year-old man was severely injured, having burns on about 70% of his body. He was transported to a hospital in Bucharest.

Investigators suspect that the young man himself would have caused the blast. Neighbors and relatives say that the young man used to take drugs and used to fight a lot with his grandfather who lived with him. The old man was not home when the blast occurred.

The explosion affected 65 apartments from two blocks of flats. Four people who lived in the next apartments have been evacuated and accommodated in a shelter for homeless people in Bistrita.

“The blast affected 40 apartments from the block where it occurred and another 20-25 apartments from the next block. All people who have been evacuated will be accommodated in the shelter. The supporting structure of the block is damaged, the concrete floor between two floors have fallen down,” said major Ioan Budurlean, spokesperson of the Bistrita Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

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