Nine public persons want to give up their Ph.D. title, former ministers among them


The Academy of Information ‘Mihai Viteazul’ has announced that nine graduates of the institution’s doctoral school have demanded the withdrawal of the PhD titles, among whom are, according to sources, former ministers Radu Stroe, Mihai Stanisoara and Bogdan Licu, Deputy of the Prosecutor General, informs.

The requests were filed during March 3-7 and registered with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research on March 10.

The new Education Minister Mircea Dumitru has confirmed the existence of requests for withdrawal the PhD titles from nine persons, adding that currently the titles cannot be withdrawn on the basis of requests.

“For the moment the regulation does not allow us to withdraw the titles only upon the requests from the persons concerned. Titles cannot be withdrawn even if that person admits it had infringed the academic rights. He can admit, but the national council must give the verdict. There should be an analysis soon,” Mircea Dumitru said.

According to sources, the ones who demanded the withdrawal of doctorate are: Radu Stroe – former interior minister (photo 1), Mihai Stanisoara – former Minister of Defence (photo 2), Bogdan Licu – Deputy of the Prosecutor General, Daniel Moldoveanu – former presidential adviser on security issues, Romeo Raicu – former head of the parliamentary Committee for SIE control, Mihail Tudose – former Minister of Economy, Neculai Onţanu – former District 2 mayor, Adela Popescu – former secretary of Gabriel Oprea and Loredana Radu – the niece of Gabriel Oprea.

The PhD theses were assessed at the Academy of information after suspicions of plagiarism surfaced in connection to several doctoral works.mihai stanisoara

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