No candidate running for the DNA helm so far

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Justice minister Tudorel Toader announced on Monday morning that no prosecutor had filed application for the position of anti-graft chief prosecutor until today.

I checked this morning at the Human Resources Department and until this moment, no candidate has joined the race,” minister Toader said.

According to the time frame announced by the Justice minister, the list of the candidates who meet the legal criteria to join the selection and the scheduling of the interviews are to be displayed at the ministry’s HQ and will be available on the website on August 29. The interviews scheduled with the Justice minister are due on September 3-5 and the results of the selection are to be announced on September 6.

It is the second selection campaign initiated by the Justice Ministry for the National Anti-corruption Directorate top position, after the minister had rejected the candidatures previously filed by four candidates, Florentina Mirică, Cristian Lazăr, Marius Iacob, procuror and Elena Grecu.

Toader retorts to Prosecutor General’s reassurance on diaspora protest investigation

At the same time, Justice minister retorted to the Prosecutor General’s reassurance that the investigation on the August 10 meeting will be an objective one, saying he doesn’t see the point of a reassurance, as all investigations should be objective.

291 criminal complaints against gendarmes have been registered at the Military Prosecutor’s Office in Bucharest until Sunday and military prosecutors have heard 127 people so far in the case of the violence during the Diaspora rally on August 10.

The Prosecutor General warns over the danger generated by the systematic attacks from mass media over some prosecutors who are investigating these files. At the same time, the Prosecutor General reiterates that impartial investigations will be carried out to find the truth on the deeds, to identify the involved people, as well as to establish the legal responsibilities,” a press release says.

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