No lockdown scenario envisaged for Bucharest, mayor and prefect assure

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The Capital prefect, Traian Berbeceanu, has said that at this moment a lockdown in Bucharest is out of the question and that the rules already enforced to counter the epidemic must be observed.
“At this point we do not consider such a scenario”, Berbeceanu said, adding that it is not natural “to take extra measures, as long as the existing ones are not observed”.
However, the prefect also explained that “we cannot talk about removing restrictions” either.
Bucharest general mayor Nicusor Dan also said on TV Tuesday evening that Bucharest will not be quarantined. “Quarantine is imposed when a certain indicator goes beyond a certain level. We are not there. The infection rate is around 6 and no quarantine is imposed now“, Dan said.
​​His statements came after the deputy mayor Vlad Voiculescu had stated he would talk to mayor Nicusor Dan about the possible lockdwon in Bucharest. “Vlad Voiculescu said we’ll have a talk, This discussion hasn’t taken place”, Dan told Digi24.

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