No more homework as punishment in Romania

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Romanian teachers are not allowed anymore to use homework as a punishment tool for pupils, reads a recent order signed by the Education Minister Mircea Dumitru.

“Using the homework as a punishment tool is forbidden (huge quantity of homework, repetitional exercises),” reads the order.

The minister’s document, heralded several weeks ago, says that the time allotted to homework for a pupils should be maximum 2 hours for all subjects, so that the daily average time needed for a pupil’s training, in the classroom and outside it, should not exceed 5-8 hours.

Teachers are also banned from giving homework for pupils in the preparatory class.

At the same time, the pupils in the primary and secondary school will not have homework during vacations.

The order also stipulates that homework should be set differently, depending on the pupil’s training level. Therefore, there will be the mandatory homework, which has to have an average level of difficulty and is addressed to all pupils in the classroom and the additional homework, which is different, individual and temporary, in such cases as catching-up activities and training for school competitions.

The pupils will also have homework to make wide summing up works, such as projects or essays, which will once a semester for each subject.

The order further says that the homework should be assessed in three ways: frontally, by discussing in the classroom the parts where pupils faced difficulties and by giving pupils a 10-minute test from the homework.

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