Nobel Prize-winner, Herta Muller, suspended from the Writers Guild for not paying the membership fee

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Romanian born writer, Herta Muller, Nobel Prize-winner for literature, has been suspended from the Writers Guild (USR) because she did not pay her membership fee. This means only losing some rights, such as running for a USR leadership position or voting, not being excluded from the guild. The rights will be restored once she pays the fee.

“Herta Muller has never paid her membership fee to the Writers Guild. She is a member of the Timisoara branch, exclusion is out of discussion, this is a false story. After all, she was not excluded from USR during the communism,” writer Mircea Mihaies, representative of the Timisoara Branch in the USR Steering Committee, told

He said that, in the same situation as Herta Muller there are other writers who did not pay the membership fees, such as critic Eugen Simion.

The membership fee to be paid by members of the Writers Guild is RON 150 (approx. EUR 32) per year.

Herta Muller was born on August 17, 1953 in the village of Nitchidorf in the Swabian Banat. She studied German and Romanian at the University of Timisoara, then working as a translator in a factory and as a teacher.

The Swedish Academy awarded her the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2009.


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