Not enough protective equipment against coronavirus, hospital manager warns


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The manager of the “Matei Bals” Infectious Disease Institute, Adrian Streinu Cercel, has warned on Monday that the new coronavirus is very easily spread by air and that the best basic prevention is the elementary cleaning, meaning by “washing our hands with water and soap”.
Asked how prepared are authorities to face potential coronavirus cases, the doctor told Digi24 that at this moment there are testing kits available for 150 people, but what is lacking are masks and protective suits, which need to be imported.

Also questioned if there is a matter of days until the first case hits Romania, Adrian Streinu-Cercel replied it is hard to anticipate at this moment.

The doctor explained the new type of flu virus is easily spread, on air. “If some one who is sick is sneezing and touching a certain surface, he/she is practically leaving the virus on that surface. Other person comes, touches that surface and can get contaminated”, said the “Matei Bals” manager, repeating the advice that people must wash their hands with water and soap frequently and avoid putting the hands on the face. “What the water and soap do, no other disinfectant does“, he underlined.

Streinu-Cercel said there are testing kits in all five hospitals in Romania that have been nominated to manage potential cases of coronavirus. “The problem is with the masks and protective suits which have to be imported”.

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