Number of scorching days might double in Bucharest in just 10 years


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The number of days impacted by scorching heat might double in Bucharest in the upcoming 10 years. The statement is part of the meteorologists’ concerns over a doom scenario forecasting no less than 50 days of heatwave in one year, with tremendous impact on our health, till 2085. Meanwhile, it is more likely to have 10-15 such hot days per year in the coming decades.

Romanian meteorologists warn that this scenario could come true unless measures to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions are taken and that’s why we should focus more on the green energy and we become aware of the impact we can make on the climate change.

“This year we had 7 days in the average scenario and 8 days in the extreme scenario. In this case, the heat waves are defined considering the effects on the human health. Things will get extreme in 2085. We’ll have 50 days of heat waves in one scenario, and 20 days in the other one. The 50-day scenario is the worst thing that can happen and the community is admitting more and more that this scenario is likely to happen, that we’ll get there. But things have started to change, maybe we’ll not have 50 days with heat waves in Bucharest, but it is plausible to have over 10-15 days of heat waves during the summer in the coming 50 years,” said Bogdan Antonescu, expert in extreme climatic events.

In her turn, Elena Mateescu, the manager of the National Meteorology Agency, said that Bucharest is an “island of heat”, as the large metropolitan areas are usually experiencing much more heat, while the temperature gap between downtown and outskirts is considerable.

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