NYT praises the curative powers of the hot springs in Romania

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The New York Times has dedicated a detailed article about the hot springs in Romania and about their curative powers.

The feature is about the springs in Baila Homorod spa resort in Transylvania. “Travelers and residents gathered under the shade of a wooden canopy near three streams of sparkling spring water to fill up a row of empty bottles.

This is no ordinary water.

It flows from volcanic mountains nearby and pours into the springs here. At its best, it’s cool, clear and prickly, with a rich taste of minerals. At its worst, it can quickly develop a foul smell and stain everything in sight a dark amber. But residents swear by its curative powers.”

The NYT article also notes that the mineral waters in Romania are part of many ancient local rites, mentioning the old Easter Monday custom in the countryside when “young men visit girls to “sprinkle” them with ice-cold water — a ritual holding the promise of youth and fertility.”


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