NYT: Romanian baby, the youngest child separated from his parents at the border with Mexico

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The youngest child separated from his parents by the Trump Administration’s immigration system at the border with Mexico was a Romanian born baby, named Constantin Mutu. He was 4 months old when he was taken from his father and taken to a foster family in Michigan, while his father was deported to Romania, journalist Caitlin Dickerson told The New York Times.

My story about Constantin Mutu, the youngest child separated from his parents at the border – he was four months old. By the time he was returned to his parents he’d spent the majority of his life in US custody,” the journalist twitted.

It took several months fro the journalist to track down Constantin, “one of thousands of children separated under the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” border policy”, as NYT reported.

Romanian born Constantin, now 20 months old, has spent five months away from his parents, until a judge decided that he should be sent back to his family, now reunited in Romania.

Constantin’s parents, Vasile and Florentina Mutu, left Romania to Mexico in 2018, together with two of their five children, intending to ask for asylum in the U.S. However, they got separated in Mexico. Florentina and the four-year-old child who was with her returned to Romania, while Vasile and 4-month-old Constantin was caught in Texas by the border policemen. Baby Constantin was taken away from his father and sent to a foster family in Michigan.

Although he is almost two years old now, Constantin cannot talk or walk, as he was affected by the incident, likewise his parents, the NYT reports.


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