Ombudsman starts investigation on foodstuff double standard

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After several Central Eastern European countries protested against the so-called ‘double standard’ on quality of foodstuff produced in Western Europe, the Romanian Ombudsman was notified ex-officio and started an investigation. Victor Ciorbea will probe into alleged breaches of the Constitution on equal rights and the health protection right.

“The associations for protecting consumers’ rights and the Governments complained that some foodstuff producers use cheaper ingredients for the products intended for the CEE market than for the products under identical brands sold in Germany or Austria. The practice is allowed at present, as the European Union is requiring only a list of ingredient on the package,” the Ombudsman argued.

A month ago, Agriculture Minister Petre Daea announced that a working group has been set up – made up by representatives of the ministry, of the sanitary veterinary authority and of the consumers’ protection – to investigate the so-called ‘double standard’ on quality of foodstuff produced in Western Europe.

“Together with the colleagues from ANPC, ANSVSA we will investigate, if needed, the double standard situation. We should be balanced in our statements and pay attention to the market. A working group will be set up to find out if such situations are faced in Romania,” Minister Daea has said.

The decision comes amid controversies on the issue in other central European countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia).


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