On May 9, Romania celebrates 142 years since the Proclamation of Independence

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Romania celebrates on Thursday 142 years since the Proclamation of Independence. On May 9, 1877, the Romanian Parliament adopted the declaration whereby the country denounces the Ottoman suzerainty. King Carol I promulgated the declaration on May 10.

A religious and military ceremony took place on Thursday in Alba Iulia, at the Heroes Cemetery, to celebrate the State Independence Day, the Victory of the United Nations Coalition in WWII and Europe’s Day.

In 1877, the Romanian territory was at the crossroads of Russian and Turkish interests. Russia was trying to extend its influence in the Balkans and declared war to the Ottoman Empire. Romania was under Ottoman suzerainty. On April 4, 1877, Romania had signed a military convention with Russia, allowing the troops to cross the territory in order to attack the Ottoman troops located south of the Danube. The Ottoman military bombed the Romanian bank of the Danube. In turn, the Romanian artillery in Calafat replied, bombing the locality of Vidin under Turkish control.

On May 9, 1877, Foreign Minister Mihail Kogalniceanu (photo) delivered a historic speech.

“We are in state of war with the Turks; our connections with the High Porte are broken and when peace will be concluded, I don’t believe that a single Romanian will agree that Romania returns to the previous position, ill defined, hybrid and offending for Romania’s interests as well as for Turkey’s interests,” Kogalniceanu said.

A day after the Proclamation of Independence by the Parliament, on May 10, the document was promulgated by King Carol I and published by the Official Gazette.

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