One British tourist dead, two injured in traffic accident in Tulcea County

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A British tourist has died and other two have been injured in a traffic accident on county road Tulcea-Agighiol (near the Danube Delta) as a vehicle has hit a group of tourists riding bicycles.

According to the County Police Inspectorate (IPJ), the three British tourists, aged between 56 and 60, were riding bicycles on County Road 222E when they were bumped into by a car driven by 20-year-old young man.

“Police are conducting an investigation to clarify the circumstances in which the event occurred,” IPJ spokesman Amalia Ignatencu said.

Following the event, one of the three British cyclists had died.

“We did everything possible for one of the tourists, but we could not save him. Another British tourist was transported to the hospital in Galati with a SMURD helicopter and the third injured bicycle rider was hospitalized at the Tulcea hospital,” the director of the Ambulance County Service, Dumitru Valcu, said.

The British hospitalized in the Tulcea hospital has, according to Tudor Năstăsescu, director of Emergency County Hospital, a concussion and abdominal trauma, as he is under CT scan investigation.

“The patient hospitalized on Sunday is currently undergoing tests. Depending on the CT results, the subsequent therapeutic treatment will be decided,” Năstăsescu said.


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