One in four death caused by tuberculosis in Romania

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In 2015 Romania (1, 060 deaths, or 24% of the EU total) recorded by far the most deaths from tuberculosis in the EU, followed by Poland (545, 12%) and France (440, 10%), according to the latest data released by Eurostat.

From the 5.2 million deaths reported in the European Union (EU) in 2015, 4,400 were due to tuberculosis. Men (3,000 deaths) were more affected than women (1,400 deaths). 43% of these deaths concerned people aged less than 65.

Death rate from tuberculosis highest in Lithuania, Romania and Latvia

With 63 deaths from tuberculosis per million inhabitants, Lithuania registered the highest rate among the EU Member States. It was followed by Romania (54) and Latvia (47).

At the opposite of the scale, the lowest rates of deaths due to tuberculosis were recorded in the Netherlands and Sweden (both with 2 deaths per million inhabitants).

At EU level, the average rate was around 9 deaths from tuberculosis per million inhabitants in 2015.

This news item marks World Tuberculosis Day (24 March).

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