One in ten children in Romania goes to bed hungry, study says

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One in ten children has not enough food and goes to bed hungry in Romania, while in 80% of the households, children and youngsters of all ages, from kindergarten to high school, are working at home, says the 2020 study conducted by World Vision Romania.

One fifth of the children living in the countryside consider they are never happy or that they are happy just sometimes, the survey also shows.

One in 14 children says he/she has a tough life. Moreover, children and youngsters of all ages of around 80% of households are working, cleaning, taking care of animals or of the other members of the household.

A quarter of the respondents say nobody is helping them with their homework, with 8% of them even reporting that there is nobody to take care of them when they are sick.

According to the study, over one third of parents surveyed in the report admit they are yelling to their children, 11% are shoving them and 4% are offending them.

Over 30% of parents consider that it is more important to have connections than graduate school in order to find a job.

According to the authors of the survey, the research covers the months of medical and humanitarian crisis prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the share of those who adopted crisis measures has increased, meaning they bought less food, the borrowed or received food from relatives or friends, they bought less stationery or books for the child’s school.

The report “The welfare of the child in the countryside-2020″ has been conducted during June-August 2020 on 936 households in Romania, comprising 4,338 respondents – 936 adults and 2,931 children.

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    yep, that’s Romania under PNL and Iohannis. Any different to PSD? I don’t think so.

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