One in two physicians considers tax exemption for doctors is fair

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Only 49% of physicians believe that tax exemption for doctors is fair, and of those around three quarters (72%) believe that it should be also applied to other healthcare professionals, according to a survey commissioned by the Federation ‘Sanitary Solidarity’ in Romania (FSSR), released on Wednesday.

According to the quoted source, more than half of the doctors (57%) would prefer replacing the income tax exemption by all wage entitlements, whereas about 28% consider that by this exemption should benefit other categories of employees. On the other hand, only 15% of doctors believe that only the doctors should benefit from the tax exemption.

Also, about 44% of doctors believe that the income tax exemption would be positive for doctors.

At the same time, about half of the physicians believe that their income tax exemption would have negative effects on other categories of healthcare professionals.

According to the Federation, the exemption from paying income taxes for doctors is highly appreciated and desirable by private sector doctors and is viewed with reserve by the vast majority of doctors working in the public sector.

The FSRR survey was conducted on a sample of 679 respondents.


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