One more African swine fever outbreak in Teleorman County, the fifth

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The fifth case of African swine fever was confirmed on Sunday in Teleorman County, according to a release issued by the Sanitary-Veterinary Authority on Monday. The outbreak is confirmed in Ștorobăneasa commune.

The Institute for Animal Health and Diagnosis in Bucharest has confirmed the African swine fever on October 28 in Teleorman, following tests on samples taken from three dead pigs in Beiu village, Ștorobăneasa commune, informs.

The authorities have intervened urgently and the household is placed under official supervision and restrictions have been implemented regarding animal, products and persons’ movement.

It is the fifth outbreak of African swine fever in Teleorman County in the past month.

The first cases of African swine fever were tracked down in Teleorman County about ten days ago, Liviu Dragnea’s fief. Mass media reported that two pigs, confirmed with the African swine fever virus, were found dead in a forest, on Dragnea family’s hunting domain.

Local authorities kept the cases secret for two weeks although the European and national laws compel the Health Veterinary Directorate to immediately report all the suspect case.

The hunting domain related to Dragnea’s family is in a forest from Slobozia Mandra in Teleorman county, 19 kilometers away from the pig farm in Salcia, owned by Liviu Dragnea’s son, Valentin. An employee from the National Veterinary Authority told “Libertatea” daily that the reporting on those two cases in Teleorman been kept secret as “they feared of what might have happened if the information had revealed the pigs had been found on Dragnea’s domain.”

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