One of the richest Romanian businessmen, arrested for killing his grandmother

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A famous local businessman from Brasov has been detained by the policemen, under the suspicion of killing his grandmother. Later on Tuesday, prosecutors ruled that he should be placed on preventive arrest for 30 days.

The main suspect in the murder case is Dan Cămârzan from Brasov.

The prosecutors from Brasov said the incident had taken place on Monday morning. “Amid a spontaneous conflict, the defendant has taken the life of his maternal grandmother, by applying physical violence against the old woman. The deed has been committed in the house the two shared,” says the prosecutors’ press release.

Investigations are under way to establish the precise circumstances of the crime. Judicial sources told local media that the man would have strangled his grandmother, but the precise cause of death will be established following the autopsy.

The preliminary investigation reveals that the defendant’s mother, who is the daughter of the victim, tried to stop the man, kicking him, but with no result. She witnessed the incident. They were all living together. The conflict was spontaneous”, said Adrian Aldea, spokesperson of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Brasov Tribunal. The prosecutor also added that the businessman had given no statement so far.

Dan Cămârzan is one of the richest Romanian entrepreneurs, ranking in the Forbes Top. In 2010, Dan Cămârzan had a fortune estimated to almost EUR 30 million. He has businesses in IT and real estate.

He became famous in 2017 for starting a series on his YouTube channel entitled “I am God”. 

Meanwhile, further information has been disclosed about him. For instance, his former wife asked for an order of protection against him last year, claiming the man is consuming hallucinogenic drugs. Cămârzan’s ex-wife told judges that the man “has an arrogant behaviour, slightly violent amid consumption of hallucinogenic substances”. The woman also said that he admitted publicly he’s taking drugs in almost all his posts on social media.

Dan Cămârzan has another lawsuit pending in Brasov court for assault and other violence.

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