One Romanian dead in train crash in Italy. At least 23 people injured

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At least two people died, a Romanian included, while at least other 18 were injured after a train collided with with a truck near Turin, Italy, Sky News reported.

Among the people who died there is also the train driver who hit the truck that was stationed on the railway line. Three train cars have derailed following impact.

The truck driver got away with no injury, and most of the injured are not in critical condition. The truck was matriculated in Lithuania and was heading to a warehouse in the area.

The Italian mass media reported that the second man who died was a Romanian citizen who was driving a car that accompanied the truck involved in the train crash.

Later on, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed that a Romanian citizen had died in the accident. MAE has previously announced that a Romania was slightly injured in Italy, was taken to hospital but was discharged last night.

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