Ongoing works at Deveselu facility

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U.S. Navy –Romanian companies’ joint works at Deveselu military base are in progress, the U.S Embassy in Bucharest informed on its Facebook page on Friday. The facility is due to get operational by the end of this year.

On November 18, the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MFA) voiced Romania’s interest that domestic companies should be involved in the setting of Deveselu Base, on the occasion of the Multinational Conference on Defense Against Ballistic Missiles organized by the US Agency for Defense Against Ballistic Missiles and hosted by Romania.

Officials from Romania, the United States, Poland, NATO, and Turkey had conducted a joint Mast Stepping ceremony on November 17, 2014 for the Aegis Ashore missile defense site at Deveselu.

The U.S. Navy officially hoisted its flag at Deveselu military base on southern Romania in early October, thus commissioning its new missile defense.

The base in Deveselu will be the first to feature the Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system, a land-based version of the sophisticated radar tracking system installed on U.S. warships since 2004. Scheduled to become operational by the end of next year, the base — which is housed within a larger Romanian military installation — will be staffed by several hundred U.S. military, civilian and contract employees. A second site, in Poland, is scheduled to become operational by 2018. Capt. William Garren will become the site’s first commander, officials said, as quoted by

The site at Deveselu, part of the second phase, will host Aegis SPY-1 radar and hold 24 Standard Missile-3 interceptors of the Block IB variant. A four-story radar deckhouse, similar to those used on a warship, will be moved to the site from the U.S. East Coast as part of construction. Construction at the site continues under a $134 million contract awarded by the military last year.

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