Online Christmas shopping fever kicks off. What gifts Romanians intend to give this year?

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With winter holidays closing by, Romanians start to think at online shopping and Christmas gifts.

According to a GKI Digital study, Romanians plan to offer gifts mounting to RON 620 for about six persons, most of them being close family members, such as children, parents, brothers or sisters.

However, the extended family is not forgotten, with half of the net users planning to offer Christmas presents to shirttail kins.

Only 1 in 4 respondents will offer gifts to close friends, while 16% will buy presents for co-workers. The lowest sum is actually allotted to co-workers, with the average value of the gift for them being around RON 60.

The study also shows that the buyers’ decision is influenced not only by the online shops and their offer by also by the search results. The price-comparing websites are influencing the shop and the gift choice the most.

Yet, the basic standard remains the price (for 88% of the respondents), but the first impressions and the previous experience on the online shop credibility become more and more important.

The choice for online purchase is also influenced by such factors as quality, handiness, if the product is on the stock at that moment or the opinions of other buyers.

What products do Romanians prefer as gifts?

The main present ideas of the Romanian net surfers are still represented by clothes, cosmetics and beauty care products, but also toys.

The most popular gifts for close family members this year are entertainment electronic products, home deco products, but also watches and jewelry.

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