Only 1 in 4 Romanians owns an earthquake first aid kit


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Although more than 80% of Romanians claim that they know what to do to protect themselves in the event of an earthquake, only 28% have an earthquake first aid kit, shows the latest sociological research conducted by UNSAR together with IRES .

According to the survey, the earthquake represents one of the main risks that Romanians perceive as possible in the case of their homes. Thus, in a ranking of the risks that the population fears the most, fires are in first place (55%), followed by earthquakes (50%), storms/tornadoes (35%), explosions (27%), floods (24%), burglary (20%) and landslides (14%). All these risks can be covered by optional home insurance. That is precisely why it is in the interest of any owner to protect his home and family by choosing the most suitable insurance solutions.

“Romania is one of the European states most exposed to the risk of earthquakes. In the context where next month marks 82 years since the first great earthquake produced in modern Romania, November 10, 1940, it is all the more important for each of us to know how we can be better protected financially by taking out an insurance policy the home”, said Alexandru Ciuncan, President and General Director of UNSAR.

Paradoxically, although we are the European country with the most homeowners, only 20% of the housing stock is protected by a mandatory PAD insurance, which covers the 3 catastrophic risks: earthquake, floods and landslides. At the same time, only 17% of homes in Romania are voluntarily insured. These policies protect against several risks in addition to PAD, such as fire, explosion, falling bodies, vandalism, flooding from neighbors, etc.

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