Only 30pc of Romanians want to get vaccinated against COVID, survey says

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Six in ten Romanians say they are concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, while only 30pc of them said they will definitely get vaccinated against COVID, according to an Avangarde survey on the public perceptions over the pandemic.

63% of the Romanians say they are worried and very worried about the evolution of the pandemic, while 34% say they are less concerned or they are not concerned at all.

70% of the respondents would not agree to a new general lockdown. 16% would agree to it, while 14% did not provide an answer.

Although the start of the vaccination is closer and closer, with the first doses of the anti-Covid vaccine due to arrive in Romania in four days, only 30% of the Romanians say for sure they will get vaccinated. 29% replied “definitely no”, while other 29% are still undecided. 10% say they cannot “appreciate”, while 2% did not answer.

As for the vaccination in general, the perspective is a little bit different: 38% of the Romanians are pro-vaccination, 20% are against it, 20% have no clear stance on the topic or are not interested in this issue, while 17% did not answer.

As Christmas is near, an overwhelming majority considers that churches should not closed on this occasion (72%), while 11% agree to them being closed down.

51% of the respondents consider that politicians and the state institutions are to blame for the high number of coronavirus cases. Only 17% think that the citizens are to blame, while 32% did not reply or didn’t know an answer.

At the same time, 11% of the Romanians could identify a relative infected with the novel coronavirus. 50% did not answer or didn’t know how to answer.

The survey was conducted on the phone on a sample of 900 respondents during December 10-20, 2020.

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