Only half of Romanian women have a full-time job, AVON study says

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Only half of the Romanian women have a full-time job (54%), reads a study conducted by AVON Romania and released within the 6th edition of CSR4Women by AVON this week, the only event exclusively dedicated to the social campaigns for the Romanian women. The study also enabled the launch of the stand4her platform in Romania, through which the company vows to improve the life of 100 million women on an annual basis.

The study also reads that less than one third of the Romanian women (28%) have founded their own business, this despite the fact that most the surveyed women (76%) think that work is increasing their self-confidence and is making them better patterns for their children (74%).

67% of the respondents stated that they do not have the necessary funds to start a business. The risks (25%) and the absence of the necessary connections (24%) are the next reasons for which they avoid setting up their own business. Their fears though come against their belief that women are as capable as men in doing business (95%).

At the same time, one in two Romanian women considers that she is not encouraged to become entrepreneur by the culture she belongs to. Only 31% say they have the needed support in their profession and only 29% feel they do benefit of this endorsement.

As for the traditional roles, 56% of the women in Romania don’t consider that a woman’s most important role is to have children and take care of the family. However, 56% think that man’s most important job is to be the main financial source in the family. At the same time, 6 in 10 women think that they must have children in order to feel accomplished.

For 22 years, AVON has constantly invested in campaigns fighting domestic violence and breast cancer, donating over EUR 3 million for these projects.

Since we have been present in Romania, we provided through our business model a real and continuous support in the women’s development within community. Today we are proud of those over 5,000 Romanian women who coordinate sales teams countrywide. By the stand4her platform we’ll double our efforts to make the world a better place for women, taking into account that 100 million of them are working with us globally and are using our products. We strongly believe that, when women are successful, we can all have success”, said Andreea Moldovan, general manager AVON Romania, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.

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