Orthodox Church: First reaction after referendum – Romanians’ attitude must be respected. Patriarchy thanks voters

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The attitude that the Romanians have assumed, on casting their ballots or by non-voting, must be respected and analyzed, the Romanian Patriarchy has announced on Monday, following the invalidation of the referendum, stating that spiritual unity and further protection of the family ‘blessed’ by God are necessary.

The Romanian Patriarchy of the Orthodox Church (BOR) claims to have fulfilled its civic and moral mission in the public space, where it affirmed and defended the identity and value of the family as a human institution created and blessed by God.

“The attitude that the Romanians have assumed through voting or non-voting must be respected and analyzed, and democracy based on civic freedom must be cultivated more intensely through correct and permanent information about the publicly debated issue,” a BOR press release on Monday reads.

Also, the quoted source also states that the referendum has offered the opportunity to know the position of society on the “defense of moral values”.

“Although the recent referendum has not been validated, it has given us the opportunity to know the degree of secularization of the Romanian society today, as well as the main positions in society regarding the assertion and defense of moral values, based on faith in God and the bimillenary history of the Romanian people,” the release also reads.

The Romanian Orthodox Church states that it has the duty to further support and promote the family blessed by God and the values of the Christian faith, stating that it thanks to the almost four million Romanian citizens who have responded positively through their participation to the vote.


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