Otopeni Airport temporarily closes part of the check-in counters


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Starting today, Otopeni Airport is closing, one by one, one of the two check-in “islands” in the airport terminal (each with 52 counters), and the other two islands, in the new area of ​​the airport terminal, will operate at maximum capacity, Compania Nationala Aeroporturi București S.A. , announced.

The closed check-in desks are part of the process of upgrading the hold baggage processing equipment on the departure stream. The contract will run for a period of two years and will ensure the replacement of the hold baggage processing system in the old Departure airport. The system, in operation for almost 20 years, includes both the check-in area, the baggage carousels and related conveyor belts, as well as the equipment for the automatic security control of checked baggage, company representatives also say. The contract, worth 21 million euros, was concluded with the French company Alstef Automation SAS.

When the works are completed, the baggage processing capacity on the departures flow will increase by 40% and 12 “self service drop off” counters will be available, which allow the passenger to deposit their checked baggage by themselves, without going to the counter of check-in.

The only more difficult period during the course of the project is the first (October 2022 – August 2023), in which the capacity will be reduced by 25%. After replacing the equipment in the first check-in area, the capacity will return to 100%, and after replacing those in the second area, the total capacity will reach 140% of the current one.

“CN Aeroporturi Bucharest, in collaboration with the handling agencies and the other entities involved, will implement special measures so that, through scheduling and efficient use of the available infrastructure, to avoid the creation of irregularities in the operation of air flights and, implicitly, to minimize any discomfort for passengers. In this regard, we recommend that passengers arrive at the airport 3 hours before the scheduled flight time and complete all pre-flight formalities (check-in, security control, border control) without delay,” a press release reads.

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