Over 100 Romanians blocked on the airport in Cancun. FM Aurescu: Avoid trips to Mexico!


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Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu, has denounced on Wednesday that attitude of the Mexican authorities to “arbitrarily block hundreds of Romanian tourists on the Airport of Cancun”, where they had been held in substandard conditions, without food and water. Moreover, the Romanian tourists accused abuses of the Mexican border policemen who talked only in Spanish.

The Romanian FM told a press conference that approaches had been made upon the Lufthansa airline to send a larger aircraft to take those 114 Romanians out there back to Romania as soon as possible.

114 Romanian citizens are currently held on the Airport of Cancun, while other 102 were sent back to Romania.

We are deeply concerned with the situation of the Romanians who planned their vacation to Mexico and who are affected by the recent decisions of the Mexican authorities. It is unacceptable what it’s happening, it is an unfriendly attitude of the Mexican authorities against the Romanian citizens. It is a risky situation that can make Mexico lose tourists, money and credibility as a travel destination through such actions”, said the Romanian FM.

Aurescu said that MAE had informed the Mexican ambassador in Bucharest about this case, asking asap for these decisions to be clarified. “These decisions  cannot be arbitrary (to block tourists on the airport), they must be grounded very well and to be based on individual assessments from one case to another,” the FM pointed out, adding that, through the efforts of the Romanian embassy to Mexico and of the honorary consuls, food and drink were provided for the Romanians stuck on the airport in Cancun.

“The fact that a sovereign state decides on the access of the foreigners on its territory must not break the human rights. Offending situations must be removed, Romanian citizens must be treated with the respect. The Romanian Foreign Ministry’s call to the Romanians is that to avoid trips to Mexico, for the time being”, Aurescu said.

He added that, from the coronavirus epidemiological view, the Mexican authorities informed that the Mexico City area is classified as red zone, and the Cancun area as orange zone.

Around 100 Romanian tourists who were planning to have a vacation in Cancun, Mexico, have been blocked on the local airport for several days, since, January 30. The Mexican authorities did not present too many arguments, only claiming security reasons.

Romanians had their phones and passports seized and were sent to stay in a not very large room in the airport, with non possibility for social distancing. Some of the tourists managed to hide other electronic devices from the Mexican authorities and they sent video footage to the Romanians televisions to recount the incident.

Digi 24 TV capture

Among the Romanian tourists there were also families with babies or small children and in some cases, the families were split, with one young Romanian woman recounting that she had been deported back to Romania, while her husband was held on the airport, without phone and money.

Another Romanian woman from the group of tourists told Digi24 that upon the arrival in Mexico, where she was paying a trip with her husband and their two small children, they were put in a room, without any explication, after their passports and mobile phone had been seized.

“They sequestered all of us in a room in the airport, and we had two toilets (…) Then they took out of the room only families with children and they kept us one hour standing, with no explanation whatsoever, then somebody came and said it is all politics. At some point, I told them it is illegal, and they replied they don’t care, it is their country and we’ll end up in jail if we keep on talking”, the women said.

She added she had paid about EUR 9,000 for this vacation and that she managed to recover the money for the hotel so far.

ANAT: It’s not the first time that Romanian tourists are subdued to abuses in Mexico

The National Association of the Travel Agencies (ANAT) has announced today it had filed an official protest to the Mexico Embassy to Romania, in the case of the Romanian tourists that were denied from entering Mexico. ANAT says that hundreds of Romanian tourists who booked vacations through Romanian travel agencies that have local partners in Mexico are forced not to give up the paid services and return to Romania without any explanation.

“It is not the first time when Mexico takes these abuses measures against the Romanian tourists. The Romanians had their passports and phones seized, are held locked in improper conditions, regardless of their age. The anti-Covid measures are obviously not observed. We want to know why the Mexican government is treating Romanian tourists so and who will pay for the compensations and losses prompted by these abuses”, said ANAT vice-president, Alin Burcea.

According to ANAT, Mexico had become one of the exotic destinations required by the Romanian tourists during this season, particularly for the country did not require any Covid test and any 14-day quarantine upon return. “Thousands of Romanians choose Mexico for spending their vacation year by year”, ANAT says.

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  1. Emily says

    The article is missing the key topic: Hundreds of Romanians building scam mafias in Mexico and traffic of ilegal items. Unfortunately some Romanians paid the price for many delinquents that were deported… and yes, delinquents also travel with babies.. that’s a big shame

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