Over 10,000 stage fresh protest against justice law amendments, fear new GEO to decriminalize abuse of office

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Over 10,000 people took to the streets again in Victoriei Square in Bucharest on Sunday evening ,and some other thousands also in other cities, to voice their discontent over the justice law amendments. People say they are afraid that rulers would decriminalize the offense of abuse of office through GEO (government emergency ordinance), so that PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea should ‘get away with the prison sentence’. “GEO Code Red”, the protest was entitled, with protesters vowing to come to protest every day.

Protesters shouted “Resignation!”, “PSD, red plague!” and waved banners displaying various anti-government, anti-corruption messages. “We don’t want to be led by thieves”, “Early elections”, “Thieves”. Protesters in Sibiu chanted: “Why don’t you apologize to us, too, Dragnea?” (hinting to Dragnea’s move on Friday to apologize to all the people charged with abuse of office and imprisoned), while in Cluj-Napoca and Oradea, people have installed tents in the central squares of the cities, pledging to fight “till the end”.

SOLIDARITY! Let’s come in the street! The same actors, the same prowler’s guts! After 600,000 people in the street in 2017 and some other tens and hundreds of thousands this year, the “double” offender wants “to revive” the fateful GEO 13. (If things are getting bad, today or tomorrow, we are ready anytime) What Dragnea wants now is to impose a EUR 200,000 threshold and to decrease the limits of the sentence from 2-7 years as they are at present to 1-5 years (…)“, the organizers of the protest posted on Facebook.

Former technocrat PM Dacian Ciolos has also announced his presence to the protest in Bucharest on Sunday, arguing that “we risk becoming Dragnea’s country”.

We must prevent the rulers from passing any new laws that are affecting the rule of law and the constitutional order,” the former premier said, also urging PM Dancila to step down and calling on early elections, stating “they are the only solution to legitimate the political class again.”

We have Dragnea’s parties, Dragnea’s televisions and Dragnea’s government. We risk becoming Dragnea’s country. A country of Iordache’s laws, of Nicolicea and Serban Nicolae’s justice, and Mrs. Dancila’s government is an illiberal Romania that seems to be run lately in a mafia style. Romania belong to the ones who are honest, who expect a country run for the sake of all and not just for the sake of the PSD chief and of those 73 inmates imprisoned for abuse of office,” Ciolos posted on Facebok.

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