Over 10,600 Ukrainian refugees entered Romania in the past 24hrs. Main hotels in Botosani stormed by Ukrainians fleeing the country


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10,624 refugees entered Romania in the last 24 hours, of which 3,660 people transited the country and 6,966 Ukrainians remained in our country, Interior Minister Lucian Bode announced.

10,624 people entered the country from Ukraine on the way in, of which over 4,000 before the outbreak of the conflict. Some of those who entered the country later left. 6,696 people remained in Romania. Out of 10,624 – 11, they applied for asylum in Romania. and it is in our asylum centers, the 6 centers, we have about 1,100 places available, the occupancy rate of 50% “, announced the Minister of Interior, Lucian Bode.

Also, Ukrainians who do not seek asylum can stay in Romania for 90 days.

At the end of the task force meeting on Ukraine, the Minister of the Interior said that the dramatic images of Ukrainian citizens fleeing to save their lives are unacceptable for the century we live in.

The Minister reiterated the idea that Romanians are protected and the country’s security is guaranteed.

Hotels in Botosani stormed by Ukrainians

The main hotels in Botosani have run out of accommodation as a result of requests from Ukrainian citizens who left the country following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Hundreds of families from Ukraine, who arrived in Botosani by car or minibus, stayed in several hotels in the county seat on Thursday night through Friday.

“More than 30 people from Ukraine have stayed with us. Accommodation forms were completed in English, because I probably don’t know Romanian. We don’t have free rooms at the moment”, said a hotel hostess downtown Botosani, as quoted by Agerpres.

People in Ukraine do not have refugee status, but appear in the records of the Romanian authorities as tourists. Many of them come from the Kiev capital.

Hundreds of Ukrainians have fled their country and entered Romania since yesterday, through almost all border cross points in northern and eastern Romania and even by ferry in south-east. Several hundred people from Ukraine crossed, on Thursday, the Danube by ferry in the Romanian eastern city of Isaccea. In support of the refugees, the local authorities decided that the means of naval transport should work without a programme.

The mayor of Isaccea said that most Ukrainians who come to Romania have personal cars and that they haven’t made any requests for accommodation, as they head to Bulgaria and also Turkey.

The heartbreaking photo of the girl with the suitcase in Sighetu Marmatiei

A heartbreaking image from the border between Ukraine and Romania was shared on Facebook in the last hours – a little girl pulls a suitcase after her near the border point from Sighetu Marmației.

Alexandru Culac/Facebook


A heartbreaking image from the borders The author of the impressive photos, Alexandru Culac, states that they were taken late on Thursday evening, at 23.25. According to him, the girl and her family managed to cross into Romania after about ten hours at the border.

It is a family with two children, a baby in a baby carriage and the girl from the photo.

The Romanian Minister of Defense, Vasile Dîncu, had announced that reception points have been established for refugees in counties bordering Ukraine.

“For the beginning, we have established six or seven counties where we will have refugee reception points. We have all the materials ready for this, we have activated these points,” the minister told Digi24.

The authorities in Bucharest have also agreed to convene another Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) meeting on Tuesday to assess the potential huge flux of Ukrainian refugees and the developments of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine.

Several thousand Ukrainian citizens have taken borders into neighboring countries by storm, especially in Moldova and Romania, in the attempt to flee the war, while about 100,000 Ukrainians have left their homes but are still in the country after the Russian invasion, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced.

The UN aid agency also said that fuel, money and medical supplies are limited in parts of Ukraine after the Russian invasion, which could cause up to five million Ukrainians to flee abroad.

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