Over 2,300 people monitoring the virgin forests in Romania in the past week


Over 2,300 citizens have monitored the virgin forests in Romania in the past week through the Forest Guardians application developed by Greenpeace Romania, which is available also for iOS operating smartphones as of today (it can be downloaded from the App Store).

Launched a week ago, the app is intended for those who want to get actively involved in monitoring and protecting the virgin forests by tracking down illegal woodcutting and by reporting these cases to the authorities. It has been downloaded by 2,3000 citizens so far.

Through the application, the users who have compared the satellite images of the virgin forests, have warned over 50 suspect woodcutting.

450 satellite images of the virgin forests, the equivalent of about 15,000 ha of woods have been loaded in the application. Every image has been processed by 30 users. The Greenpeace crew will check on the reported 50 woodcutting cases.

Images of other 50,000 ha of forest will be soon added in the app.

Forest Guardians is the first mobile application made by Greenpeace Romania, developed with the help of MReady.

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