Over 60% of the women in the largest Roma district in the country became mothers before turning 18


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The authorities from Sacele, Brasov county have conducted a census in the Gârcini district in the town, where there is the largest compact Roma community in the country. Findings have revealed that more than half of the community consists of minors, while 60% of the women became mothers before turning 18.

The latest census of 2011 reported that over 7,000 people were living in this district in Sacele, but mayor Virgil Popa stated that the recent study pointed out that the district has a population of 5,975 people, with 52.4% being men.

The study also shows that more than half of the residents, 52.2%, is aged from 0 to 17, so the average age of the district of only 22 years old. On the other hand, only a small part of the population is aged over 60, 4.5%.

The mayor also revealed that 63.4% of the births were registered among young girls who hadn’t turned 18 yet.

There are over 2,500 minors in the district, and most of them have already made a family: 30.8% are married and 30.8% have relationships outside marriage.

As for the incomes, considering the young age of the community, only 17.3% declared they have a constant monthly salary, while 45% gave no answer related to their incomes. Yet, the mayor claimed the number of the social aid beneficiaries had declined in the past years from 1,000 to less over 200.

The study was conducted for the town hall wants to access European funds worth EUR 7 M for the Gârcini district. The project is meant to rehabilitate the infrastructure of the district (streets, energy, water and sewage), but also to build a new school and a clinic.

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