Over 65 institutions in Bucharest, countrywide join the Earth Hour event

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Romania is marking the Earth Hour on Saturday evening. Tens of state and private institutions will join the campaign, switching off lights between 20:30 and 21:30.

In Bucharest, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is organizing an event in Izvor Park (in the United Nations Blvd area), starting 5 p.m.

The Romanian Presidency will turn off lights inside and outside the Cotroceni Palace on Saturday between 20:30 and 21:30.

By this action, the presidential institution brings into the limelight the importance of the negative impact awareness that the excessive energy consumption has over the environment. The Presidential Administration is thus promoting, next to other institutions in Romania, the fight against the climate changes and a responsible and proactive behavior in protecting the environment,” reads a Presidency’s press release.

The Government also invited Romanians to support the “Earth Hour” campaign by turning off lights at home and at the office.

A clean environment means healthier citizens and the safeguard of a responsible future for the generations to come. Romania’s Government joins the “Earth Hour” campaign organized by WWF-Romania for the fourth year in a row and, together with other 65 institutions in Bucharest and countrywide, will turn off the lights between 20:30-21:30, to warn over the irrational resource consumption and over the importance of the society’s sustainable development,” reads a Gov’t Facebook post.

The Executive also invited Romanians to endorse the campaign and switch off the lights at home and at the office, asking all who want their photos released on the Government’s page to send them at social.media@gov.ro.

The Parliament and the Interior Ministry also joined the campaign.

Earth Hour is an international event held in the last Sunday of March every year, starting 2007. The community supporting the Earth Hour reached over 2 billion people in over 7,000 cities from more than 152 countries.

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