Over 800,000 vaccinated in Romania so far. 60,000 teaching staff intend to take the jab in the coming week

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Almost 30,000 people were vaccinated against Covid-19 in Romania from Saturday to Sunday (27,944), 19,522 with Pfizer (14,590 with the first dose and 13,354 with the rappel), 115 with Moderna and 8,307 with AstraZeneca, as announced by the National Committee for the anti-COVID Vaccination Coordination.

Overall, 803,098 Romanians have been vaccinated so far since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in our country. Over 1.379 million doses of vaccine have been administered.

200  ordinary and minor side effects have been reported on Sunday. 15 reactions, with a severe one, are in the process of being investigated.

Since the debut of the vaccination campaign, there have been 4,184 side effects to the Pfizer, Moderna and
AstraZeneca jabs. 649 were local reactions and 3,535 general ones.

60,000 teaching staff intend to get vaccinated in the upcoming week

Around 60,000 representatives of the teaching staff in Romania want to take the anti-Covid jab in the next week across mobile vaccination units, Education minister Sorin Cimpeanu said.

“We already had 42,000 employees of the education system vaccinated by yesterday, with half of them having both the first dose and the rappel”, the minister said.

In a first stage, teachers from the primary system will get vaccinated, those from the elementary schools, high schools and universities.

According to the minister, over 200,000 teachers and members of the teaching staff voiced their willingness to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Among them, 42,000 have already been vaccinated. Almost 8,000 are added-representing teaching staff from the medical universities who took the jab in the category of the medical staff. So, we have 50,000 vaccinated, with 60,000 willing to take the jab in mobile centers in the upcoming week,” minister Cimpeanu stated.

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