Over half of Romanians book their vacation online, study shows

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Over half of Romanians are booking their vacations online, with about 72 pc of them saying they trust the websites of online booking, reveals a survey conducted by HotelGuru.ro during July 29-August 12 and quoted by Agerpres.

Most of the respondents said they inform about their vacation and also book it online, with 44 pc consulting the reviews about the place where they want to spend their vacation on 2 to 5 websites.

Most of the Romanian tourists prefer to travel in the summer, with Romania, Turkey and Greece topping the favorite destinations ranking. Destinations on the Bulgarian seaside lost popularity, with only 3 pc of the respondents wanting to spend their holiday there.

42 percent of Romanian tourists say they go on vacation once a year, and 13 pc of them say they go whenever a special offer comes up. 29 pc of the respondents used to plan their stay between 1 to 3 months earlier, while 21 pc say they plan their holiday half of year earlier.

For trips abroad, Romanians usually prefer the plane (46 pc), while 38 pc would rather go by personal car.

About 60 pc of the Romanians allot a budget of RON 100 to 200 per day for a day of vacation, while 43 pc think that RON 200-400 per day for one person would be enough for a day of vacation abroad.

Half of the respondents said they chose their vacation according to the comfort, people and the culture of the destination. Architecture is an important standard for 68 pc of the Romanians.

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