Packs of drugs also reached the Bulgarian seaside


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The Bulgarian authorities have tracked down 150 packs containing drugs of high concentration (above 90%) following searches on the beaches of the Black Sea Bulgarian coast.

Mladen Marinov, the Bulgarian Interior minister has told BTA that the packs of drugs (170 kilos) had been found on a beach near Sabla, 26 km away from Vama Veche.

The packs contained cocaine that was packed in waterproof sheet and protected by life jackets, the same way as the cocaine found out in Romania.

The Romanian Police have alerted their Bulgarian counterparts and asked them to also check the Bulgarian seaside after hundreds of kilos of drugs had been discovered on the Romanian seaside in the past two weeks.

The operation is under way; overall 310 such packs of drugs have been found in Romania and Bulgaria so far, with almost 200 kilograms being found on the Romanian seaside in the past days.

Romanian investigators say the drugs are part of a larger drug bust found near the Romanians seashore in the last days. The first bust consisted of over 800 kg of cocaine found abandoned in a boat in a wild area, near Sfantu Gheorghe, Tulcea, on the Black Sea shore. The drugs were in an overturned boat and om shore packed in several packages wrapped in rubber.

DIICOT prosecutor said back then the record cocaine bust was transiting Romania and would worth EUR 300 M.

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