Parents to have a day off to take care of sick children. Financial incentives for high achiever pupils

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Parents will be able to take a day off a year to take care of their children if they are sick, according to a Government decision adopted on Wednesday.

The day off is granted to one of the parents, optionally, based on an application filed 15 days before seeing the doctor. The parent who is asking the day off must also filled in a declaration that no day off has been asked that year.

The medical check can be undergone both in the state health system and in the private one.

Families or persons with two children are entitled only to a day off a year, as in the case of a single child. Families or persons with more than three children can have two days off a year, consecutively or separately, as the employer decides on.nota 10

The Government also decided in the Wednesday’s sitting to award the high school graduates who obtained the maximum grade at the baccalaureate exam. Thus, 88 graduates who got the grade 10 at the baccalaureate’s June session will receive a financial incentive of RON 3,000.

At the same time, 457 middle school graduates who got the maximum grade at the National Evaluation that allows them the high school entry will get RON 1,000 each.

“Identifying and supporting the children and youngsters with high school achievements represent a part of the educational strategies promoted by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research,” reads a Gov’t press release.

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