Partial Lunar Eclipse, visible in Romania on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday

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A partial Lunar eclipse, visible from Romania, if the sky is clear, will take place on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

The eclipse will begin at 21:44h, when the Moon is near the southeast horizon. Changes to the lunar disc will be visible when the Moon enters the Shadow of the Earth, starting at 23:00h. Then the right side of the disc will start to be less bright, and the Moon will move to the south-east. The maximum of the eclipse is expected at 00:21h, informs.

“If you look at the Moon at that hour, you will see how the top of the disc is redder than the bottom. The reason is that more than 50% of the moon is in the shadow of the Earth. The bottom of the disc is in the penumbra and has a bigger glow,” the Astronomic Observatory informs on its website. The moon will come out of the shade at 2:00h, and at 3:18h the eclipse ends. The most spectacular part of the phenomenon will occur between 23:00h and 02:00h.

Throughout the phenomenon, to the right of the Moon will be the planet Saturn and a constellation in the form of a house, the Sagittarius constellation.

The Astronomical Observatory will be open during the eclipse. In September 2025, the next full Lunar eclipse will be observed in Romania. Other partial eclipses will be visible by then.

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