Passengers arriving on Henri Coanda airport can get taxis without command for maximum fees of RON 1.4/km

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As of Wednesday, June 15, 2016, the passengers arriving on Henri Coanda International Airport (Otopeni) will benefit from licensed taxis with fees of maximum RON 1.40/km (approx. EUR 0.31) without prior command, the Bucharest Airports National Company informs.

They will wait in the taxi station located at the terminal exit, the taxis will take the passengers in order of arrival, says the company’s press release, according to

Customers who want to order a taxi from a particular company will have available touch screen terminals to order a cab.

Licensed taxi cars with fees higher than RON 1.40/km and the unlicensed airport taxis will be available on the ground, in front of the Arrivals terminal.

Each of the taxi stations will be clearly signposted.

At the moment, there are 1,400 licensed taxi cars and the licensing procedure is running fast and free, the source says.

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