Penitentiaries trade union federation sends letter to Dragnea: “Be careful, don’t invite anyone in the closet”

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Known for its criticism against the incumbent ruling coalition and against former Justice minister Tudorel Toader, for its repeated stances warning over the hard working conditions and low wages of the penitentiaries staff, the Trade Union Federation within the National Administration of Penitentiaries  (FSANP) has sent an open letter to Liviu Dragnea, recently imprisoned at Rahova Penitentiary, warning him over “small, crowded rooms” in prison.

We’ve heard some citizens cursed you upon your arrival <home>. You didn’t manage to arrange even your last meeting, mustache. What a fate! What pain! You’re probably hearing all kind of words since your mosh pits failed. It’s a pity for that beautiful girl to go through all this fuss. The more she is alone now”, reads the Penitentiaries Trade Unions in an atypical, sarcastic-tone press release.

You’ll find your room exactly as you left it when you cut down by three times the money for investments in penitentiaries while you were crying and whining at TV of the pity of thousands of criminals unjustly convicted for manslaughter, theft, rapes, robberies and other wretched things. You’ll get to know them better and you’ll cry together.

But, be careful, don’t invite anyone in the closet, Liviu! This is jail, it’s not like in parliament, and journalists wouldn’t do anything to you than your new mates might consider doing. We hope! Especially that, by the way, despite the compensatory appeal that released thousands of offenders from prisons, there still are some 2,500 rapers in jails,” the ironic letter further say.
The trade unionist from penitentiaries refer to one of Dragnea’s outbursts when, pissed off that a Pro TV journalist kept asking him questions and followed him around the halls of the Parliament, he invited the reporter to join him in the closet.

Maybe you will wonder it’s a little bit narrow, that it’s a little bit mold or that you have too many roommates. Preoccupied with amnesties and pardons, although you had the cash of the country in your hands, you forgot to repair the prisons and to get them close to the level of the villas that we’ve seldom seen discretely shot by drone. You didn’t think justice will be served to you as well,” the trade union federation added.

The FSANP leader Sorin Dumitrascu subsequently explained the atypical form of the press release: “We would like to remind Liviu Dragnea as well and all the people like him that we do have a justice and it is enforced. It is a warning for the public figures that they must also do something for the penitentiaries,” Dumitrascu argued.

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