Penitentiary Administration: 4,458 people benefited from the compensatory appeal bill, less than 1pc have offended again

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The National Penitentiary Administration (ANP) has announced on Monday that 4,458 people have benefited from the compensatory appeal law and the share of those who have offended again is below the 1% threshold. The representatives of the institution say that the number of recidivists has fallen over the past five years, their share in prisons being of 38.37% in 2017.

ANP has released information on Monday, “in the context of information in the public space about the incidence of repeated offenses among the prison population in the Romanian penitentiary system,” informs.

“The share of recidivist detainees in the general penitentiary population is registering a downward trend, with 38.37% of the recidivist detainees being registered in 2017 compared to 2012 when the proportion of the recidivists was of 45.78%,” the ANP representatives say.

They say that, since the coming into force of the compensatory appeal law, the units subordinated to ANP have released, according to Law 169/2017, no less than 1,031 individuals and 3,427 persons have been released on parole. According to ANP, out of the total of 4,458 persons who have benefited of the compensatory appeal, the share of those who have offended again is less than 1%.


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