Pensioners have higher incomes than freelancers

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Pensioners ranked second, after employees, by level of monthly income, last year, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).

One employee had an average monthly income of RON 1,316.9 per month, followed by a pensioner with RON 864.23 and a freelancer in non-agricultural activities with RON 547.94. They are followed by the unemployed, with RON 508.47 and farmers with RON 420.54.

By residence, in urban areas the incomes reached RON 1,245.82 per month, on average per person, and in rural areas RON 701.96. By regions, the distribution of revenues shows that in Bucharest-Ilfov area was the highest income of RON 1,559.2/person and the lowest in north-eastern Romania of RON 732.93. In terms of monthly expenses, they were on average RON 953.35/person. A household spent an average of RON 48 for education last year, while for telephone services – RON 1,088, INS informs.


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