Pentagon front-runner: “We may need more troops in the Baltic States, Poland or Romania”

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US President-elect Joe Biden may well reverse, at least partially, the withdrawal of 12,000 US troops from Germany announced by Donald Trump.

Asked about this withdrawal plan, former Pentagon number three Michèle Flournoy, approached to lead the defense ministry of the new administration underlined that “if we have a new administration, the first thing it will do will be to re-examine the military posture in the world”.

Flournoy did not specify whether she was in favor of keeping all American forces in Germany, but she envisaged redeploying certain forces to the East.

“I am all for re-examining our posture in Europe and improving it,” she said. “We may need more people in the Baltic States, Poland or Romania.”

In hias turn, the German head of transatlantic relations, Peter Beyer, had mentioned in September the plan for American military withdrawal.

“I don’t think a Biden administration would completely reverse this plan but I also doubt that he will pursue it with the same vehemence,” he told an interview to AFP.

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