Penumbra lunar eclipse Friday night

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The evening of September 16 comes with an astronomical event that will keep the interested people with an eye on the sky: the penumbra lunar eclipse.

This will not be a usual lunar eclipse, i.e. the Earth’s natural satellite will not become reddish, said Adrian Sonka, coordinator of the Admiral Vasile Urseanu Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest for

“There will not be a usual lunar eclipse, when the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow, but will be in the penumbra, meaning it will be partly covered, which makes it not so dark. The Moon will not become red, will not disappear, in the pictures it will look a little darker than usual,” Sonka said.

The eclipse will start at 19:54h, the maximum will be at 21:54h and by 23:53 it will end, the specialist said.

The eclipse can be seen with the naked eye, but you should know exactly where and when to look. Adrian Sonka said that the eclipse will begin while still light outdoors, when the Sun goes down and the moon rises.


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