People queue to get “Green House” financing


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The “Green House” programme granting state money to physical and legal persons to set up solar panel was resumed on Monday after a five-year break.

Hundreds of people countrywide queued in front of the Environment Agencies in Romania to be sure they’ll subscribe for financing.

The non-reimbursable funds granted by the state within this programme differ according to the type of the appliance and can mount to RON 3,000 for fitting up unpressurised solar panels, RON 6,000 for pressurized solar panels and RON 8,000 for heat pumps.

Those who want financing for the “Green House” programme can file for financing at the local environment agencies until October 24.

The national budget is RON 94 M, with RON 60 allotted to the population and RON 34 to legal persons. About 300 people have queued in Arges to register their files to obtain the solar panels subsidies since Sunday. The applicants were angry with the environment public servants, for their lack of organization.

Hundreds of people were also queuing in Suceava and Vaslui, with the managers of the environment agency in Suceava calling on gendarmes to re-establish the order.

Over 200 people queued in Brasov and almost 300 in Hunedoara. A similar situation was in Galati, Mures, Neamt, Prahova, Salaj, Sibiu, Teleorman.

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