People queuing in front of Cantacuzino Institute to buy new Romanian immunity health supplement

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Tens of people were queuing in front of Cantacuzino Institute this morning to buy the latest product launched by the Romanian research institute, a health supplement with antioxidant and immunity properties, recommended during the cold season to counter the respiratory infections.

Some people have been standing in line for three hours, with rumours that the famous Romanian new antioxidant drug would have run out after only 20 minutes.

The immunomodulatory medicine is called Orostim-HV, being announced as a new, efficient medicine with antioxidant properties and as a great immunity enhancer.

The Defence Ministry, which has Cantacuzino Institute under its authority, has announced today that it will soon double the production capacity of the supplement. The first batch, meaning 942 vials, has been put up for sale today. The ministry promises to double this quantity in the upcoming period.

The maximum pace that the Cantacuzino Institute can provide now is 1,000 vials put up for sale avery 10-14 days. This pace is conditioned by the limited production capacity, but, particularly by the quality control that is very strict for each produced batch. By optimizing the microproduction flow, the Institute can reach to doubling this quantity in the upcoming period”, reads a MoD press release.

The Defence ministry has also launched a call to private companies to get involved in the production of Orostim-HV, to secure enough quantities for the population.

Orostim-HV is a food supplement that contains a combination of an atomized lysed product made of 15 bacterial strains and a powder of green barley essence.

The product has antioxidant properties, stimulating the immunity and prompting the body to have an increased resilience to infections.

“The product is administered during the periods with high risk of respiratory infections to the people working in large communities and who have a high risk of contracting infections, from children to elderly who have low immunity. During the coming period, the product will be further developed and the Cantacuzino Institute will proceed next year with the technology transfer to another manufacturing area to the serial production,” the Romanian Ministry of Defence announced early this week.

The ministry had announced that Orostim-HV will be put up for sale as of December 2 only at the Cantacuzino Institute’s selling point.

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