PG Augustin Lazar files retirement request


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Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar, whose term at the helm of the General Prosecutor’s Office is expiring next week, on April 27, has announced he filed s request for retirement to the Superior Council of Magistracy.

Lazar also submitted his candidature for a new PG mandate, being heard last week by a Justice ministry’s committee led by Tudorel Toader. However, the ousted Justice minister Toader eventually announced that none of the four candidates for the prosecutor’s office had met criteria to lead the Public Ministry, so the procedure has been resumed.

Augustin Lazar has been recently accused that, when he was prosecutor during the the 80s, he refused twice the release on parole of anti-communist dissident Iulius Filip, jailed at Aiud Penitentiary as a political prisoner. At that time, Augustin Lazar was prosecutor in the Committee of release on parole of the penitentiary.

Lazar rejected all charges, explaining that his duties back then were just to determine if the prisoners who were asking for the release on parole had carried out the punishment fraction, by the law, and that he was not the one who decided on the release of the prisoners.

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