PG Augustin Lazăr to run for a new mandate despite revocation procedure


Romania’s Prosecutor General Augustin Lazăr has announced on Monday he will run for a new mandate at the helm of the Public Ministry, despite the Justice minister’s recent announcement on kicking off revocation procedure against Lazăr. The incumbent prosecutor general has appealed the revocation procedure in court.

The PG position will become vacant as of April 28 when Lazăr’s current mandate ends. PG is entitled to have two mandates at the helm of the Public Ministry, according to the law.

Obtaining a new mandate would represent the possibility of continuing the projects I started, the modernization process of the Public Ministry, in the view of the continuing to obtain positive results, of conclusively representing the general interests of the magistrates, of unconditionally defending the rule of law and the human fundamental rights and liberties“, reads a Public Ministry’s press release.

Not least, submitting my candidature meets the expectations of my colleagues, the prosecutors who consider that, during this period, with multiple challenges for the judiciary system, the stability of the Public Ministry must be ensured, especially on promoting European values, including through dialogue, loyal cooperation and mutual respect with the other state powers“, the release further says.

In retort, Justice minister Tudorel Toader said that everyone thinks highly of himself and Lazar is entitled to have the same attitude.

Any prosecutor who is under the law has the right to join the race. I will be in the selection committee that is making the proposal to the CSM and to the President,” Toader said.

Questioned about a photo featuring a sunset that he posted on Facebook, after Augustin Lazar had announced his candidature, minister Toader replied: “No resemblance is accidental all the time“.

Four days ago, Justice minister Tudorel Toader started the selection procedure to appoint a new Prosecutor General, a position vacant as of April 28, when Augustin Lazar’s mandate ends. The procedure is running during March 13 to April 5.

Minister Toader asked for Augustin Lazar’s dismissal since October last year, but President Iohannis opposed his request.

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