PG Lazăr announces revocations at DNA, DIICOT

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Romania’s Prosecutor General has announced at Digi24 on Monday evening that there will be prosecutors at the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) and anti-organized crime directorate (DIICOT) who will leave the institutions in the upcoming period, either because they are tired or because they have become vulnerable. However, Lazar explained they will not be sacked, but will return to the local prosecutor’s where they came from.

There are mandates for 3-4 years and after that you can leave. It’s not recommendable to work in the same place and the much less in a position where you are being exposed to confusion and fatigue,” the PG told Digi24.

He explained there will be a proposal that the „vulnerable” prosecutors should return to the prosecutor’s offices where they came from.

‘Protocols with SRI are used as political boomerang’

Lazăr also tackled the issue of the secret protocols concluded by the Public Ministry with the Romanian Intelligence Service( SRI), saying such a protocol inked in 2016 had not been fully declared unconstitutional, but it is used as „a political boomerang”.

„CCR came ans said that such a protocol regarding national security and anti-terrorism fight is basically constitutional. Of course, some 2-3 paragraphs are declared unconstitutional and which are not related to the cooperation anyway. We will undoubtedly remove them from the protocol. However they haven’t been even enforced. The protocol has been concluded to work within a legal framework to defend Romania’s national security. Well, how can you used the protocol as a political boomerang and to blame the Public Ministry for it? Where this protocol will roll back to? For someone has to be held accountable,” the PG stated.

‘I met President Iohannis after I took office as PG’

Augustin Lazărhas also rejected accusations that he would have signed a decree to close down a file targeting President Iohannis. The PG has named this assertion as “ridiculous”, adding that he has met the head of state only after he had been appointed Prosecutor General.

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