PG Lazar decided that Tel Drum sticks with DNA

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Romanian Prosecutor General, Augustin Lazar, has announced on Wednesday that the National Anti-corruption Directorate is the authorized body to investigate Tel Drum file, and not the special director for investigating magistrates.

The PG’s decision comes after last month DNA has referred the General Prosecutor’s Office over a conflict of authority with the special section over this file, after both units considered that they were entitled to investigate the case. The special section for investigating magistrates has asked the file from DNA four times before the interim anti-corruption chief prosecutor had notified the Prosecutor’s Office.

The last request referred to the fact that Tel Drum file, where PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea is investigated among others, can be evidence in one of the new section’s investigations.

In November last year, Liviu Dragnea has been charged with five crimes in this file, among which there was setting up an organised criminal group, abuse of office, and EU fund embezzlement. More incumbent and former Tel Drum share holders are also investigated as suspects in this file.

Anti-corruption prosecutors claim that these share holders would have been favored by Liviu Dragnea while he was chairing the Teleorman County Council and when Dragnea would have given Tel Drum several contracts financing by EU money, by breaking the law, and in exchange, the PSD chairman would have benefited of the profit generated by the contracts of the company.

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